Review: Hair Brush Straightener


My hair has been a constant struggle. It is thick, frizzy and curly that gets bigger when its humid (think Mia Thermopolis but shorter and less poofy).

I used to get my hair rebondedevery year just because I wanted a Wash and Go routine, which meant I only needed to brush my hair once a day (usually after taking a bath). Yes to sleeping in more!

Recently, I stopped getting straightening treatments since I hated the awkward stage (the upper half of the hair is curly while the lower half is still straight). Plus, hair fall has also been a b*tch. I feel like all my hair on the floor combined could look like a fur ball.

So now, I just straighten my hair at home with a Flat Iron whenever I go out (as long as I have time but if not, I just tie my hair). I have been using BaByliss I-Curl Pro 230 until I discovered the Hair Brush Straightener.

I purchased the Hair Brush Straightener online and it was a very fast and easy transaction. They reply quickly and they also have the option of Cash Upon Delivery. Surprisingly it was for only Php 897 with FREE SHIPPING and a FREE Gold Eco Bag!

Website: Vanilla Sky Shopping 8




If you have thick hair like mine, they recommend using a high temperature of 200-230°C. While if you have fine hair, the recommended temperature is 170-200°C.


Tip #1: Before straightening, always use a heat protection product to prevent further damage. I use Marc Anthony Flat Iron Spray.

Tip #2: Make sure your hair is completely dry before using the straightener. Even if it is a ceramic hair straightener, I would still recommend not using it on wet hair.

So I first tried to straighten my hair at 180°C but I didn’t see much difference, so I bumped it up to 200°C. With the higher temperature, I started to see that it was working. The best part about this product is that it is so much faster to get straighter hair. I was able to finish straightening my hair within 5 minutes! Hindi nakakangalay! 

Hairbrush Straightener

The downsides to this product would probably be (a) the bristles at the outer edge are a bit hard on the scalp, (b) hair needs to be completely dried before using, and (c) it doesn’t straighten as good as a Flat Iron (to be fair, when using a Flat Iron you have to section your hair).

Overall, I would still recommend this product. The price is very cheap for what its supposed to do. The Hair Brush Straightener is perfect for Tamad Girls (like me!) who would still want straight hair with less frizz, fast. Hello, Mia Thermopolis Hair Transformation at home within minutes!

Hope this helps you guys!


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