The Geeky Girl’s Christmas Hitlist Part One: Star Wars


The season when we grown ups can unabashedly embrace our inner child is upon us again. It’s time to buy all the toys and merches you want from every sub-culture defining fandom you want. Unfortunately, original merchandise is expensive.

So if you’re like me, a twenty something with barely any money, you are probably praying that someoneout there loves you enough to know that you’d rather have direwolf plushies for christmas than giant teddy bears. If you are, link this series to them… Hopefully they’ll get the hint.

I have chosen the three fandoms I love that I think are relatable to both geeks and non-geeks alike. These are fandoms ones which have penetrated pop culture and have been an indelible part of our childhood. Any true fan or casual fan will surely love these items for Christmas.

To start of my holiday hit list, I chose Star Wars as my first fandom. The 18th of December is just a week away and Star Wars is already viral… Again.

So here’s my hit list from a Galaxy Far Away:

1. Light saber chopsticks- the ones that light up, preferably.

The light saber is easily the most recognizable of Star Wars weaponry. A life sized one would be a dream, but that costs at least 10,000 php a piece. These miniature versions are good alternative at less than 1500 php a pair depending on the reseller. Available at ninjashoptokyo on ebay.

2. Lego Vader Clock

Who doesn’t love the chosen one? Actually, let me rephrase that. Who doesn’t love Darth Vader?

The main antagonist of the original trilogy and the anti-hero of the prequels, Darth Vader is one character whose just too awesome to hate. And he’s made even more lovable by Lego (the best toy mankind has ever produced). Available at ivanandsophia on ebay.

3. Death Star Ice mold

This one is a little hard to find in Manila but is very abundant on the internet. This unique ice mold produces a miniature Death Star complete with the linear details. It makes any drink a lot exponentially cooler (pun intended). Available at japantrends on ebay.

4. The Millennium Falcon Aluminum model

I first came across the fastest ship in the galaxy a few years ago in Shopsville. Back then, it sold for around 1500 php. Prices have considerable dropped with its commercial availability. I must say that the aluminum finish and the delicate laser cuts are gorgeous, not to mention fun to assemble. The Millennium Falcon is the perfect starter for this series which includes X-wings, AT-ATs, and other Star Wars vehicles. Available at Hobbes and Landes.

And last but certainly not the least:

5. Lego R2D2

The priciest item on my hit list, a scaled lego set of the most bad-ass robot in the galaxy. Not only is this astro-droid in all the movies, this little droid is the only one who knows everything that went on. He’s saved both Luke and Anakin countless of times, survived the Clone Wars, the Rebellion, and practically outlived every other character in the franchise. No argument need be stated to affirm Artoo’s greatness. Available at Hobbes and Landes.

And there you have it, the first of my holiday hit lists. I hope this helps bring joy to a fellow geek.

May the force be with you.

Happy holidays!


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