The Geeky Girl’s Christmas Hitlist Part Two: Harry Potter



No other fandom can define our generation other than Harry Potter. We are the kids who truly grew up with Harry. I do not know anyone who never dreamed of going to Hogwarts at one point in their lives. Hence, since my lists are all centered at our inner child, my second fandom of choice is Harry Potter.

Disclaimer though, a lot of these items are available in the Wizarding World but you can come across these on ebay or

The following items were chosen with the simple criterion of wishing to have them as a child.

So here we go:

1. Harry Potter Character wands

Warner Brothers made replicas of all the wands used in the show. Depending on which character is your favorite, you can buy any you want. These are only available in the Wizarding World of Harry Potter theme parks. But some are available on ebay. Made of real wood and finely detailed, every fan gets every cent they paid for. Get it here at Universal

2. Programmable Wand

I first found this item on four years ago and I’ve been drooling on it ever since. Having a wand replica is nice for display and all but having a wand that can flip through TV channels at a wave is even more awesome. Makes you feel like casting real spells. Get it here at

3. Chocolate Frogs

Another item I encountered at the Wizarding World. It looks exactly as the ones bought by Harry and Ron at the Hogwarts express. These are the kind of chocolates you should give to a true potter head. Get it here at cutebeardelivery.

4. Maurader’s Map

Mooney, Wormtail, Padfoot, and Prongs- I honestly want to see more of their adventures during the first Wizarding War. The beautifully drawn map of Hogwarts, complete with stalkinh features, have taken on a multitude of muggle forms. From mug prints to posters, all versions of the piece can certainly catch a potter head’s eye. Get it here at

5. Time Turner

Harry Potter and the Wizard of Azkaban introduced us to this wonderful magical device. Although I would never use it for taking extra classes, I would like to have it for embarassing moments. The thought of having the power of getting a do over was both convenient and captivating. Not to mention how beautifully they realized the prop it self. Pretending to have control over time is best done with this wonderful piece. It’s also the most easily available thing on this list. Fullybooked has it on stock or get it here at peterlibeijing.

And that rounds up my Potterhead gift guide. I hope you find this as helpful as my Star Wars list. If you have any more suggestions, please feel to place a comment below.

But for now,

Mischief Managed.


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