Christmas Shopping for The Laidback Millenial

gift guide


Christmas traffic is so bad, it’s like being on the road until the holidays are over. The struggle is real, you guys.

To save ourselves from having a b*tch fit, we curated a list of local gift ideas that can all be bought via the internet. Yay for technology!

Here are our recommendations for your Kris Kringle bae, bro/ho and basically every millenial – including yourself:

  1. For the couch potato: How about a onesie for the person who loves their bed more than they love you? Buy from @juansiemanila for 1,800 a piece! Kinda pricey but who can say no to a pegacorn? They also have unicorn bedroom slippers for a thousand pesos. Yes please! [Website: Juansie Manila]
  2. For the hipster: @magneticpoetrymnl has an array of magnetized words to bring out your deepest feelings and desires. Compose odes about Jon Snow and/or reveal your inner Taylor Swift… on the fridge. Sets start at 300php. [Website: Magnetic Poetry MNL]
  3. For the sawi/perpetually single girl: Rose quartz has been selected as one of the Pantone Colors for 2016. But more importantly, it is believed to attract love and deepen relationships. Either way, it’s chic for 700 bucks. Krysvox also offers other charmed jewels. Do check them out. [Website: Krysvox]
  4. For the dreamer: Quite literally. These dreamcatchers send out good vibes? You can buy a bracelet or use one as home decor. Prices may vary but they’re super affordable.  [Facebook: Kim Creates; Instagram: @kimcreates]
  5. For the writer/may diaryThese handmade leather journals will totally make you love writing down your feelings! Put your initials on them and you’ll feel very old world. The basic journals cost 500-800php for 240 pages, back to back. Worth every penny! [Facebook: Alunsina Handbound Books]
  6. For the parating nilalamig: Is it sweater weather already? You can buy affordable yet customizable hoodies and sweaters from The Hype Mnl. Prices start at 650php. [Instagram: @thehypemnl]
  7. For the mahilig sa imported: With these personal shoppers, you can order almost anything from the States and have it delivered to your address of choice. Stay tuned for their balikbayan box batches.[Facebook: Lax Cebu and Shop From the USA] [Instagram: @laxchange and @shopfromtheusa]

Happy Shopping Everyone!


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